Promoting Equity in Access to Quality Healthcare in Homa Bay County, Kenya

Through support from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD), The County Council of Västerbotten, together with one of its departments; Centre for Rural Medicine have made a fact-finding mission to Homa Bay County March 2018 to learn about the health care system as well as having a dialogue with Homa Bay County Government on potential areas of cooperation. The team from Västerbotten was hosted by the minister for health, professor Richard Otieno Muga who in the photo show the

The City of Umeå and Kajiado County, Kenya – Re-launch of Partnership

The partnership on sustainable waste and water management between The City of Umeå and Kajiado County Government, Kenya started at the beginning of 2017 after an approval from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD), i.e. the funder of Municipal Partnership Projects. The partners developed the project in the framework of an inception phase also funded by ICLD. Due to election in Kenya 2017 the partners had to do a re-launch  of the partnership since the election changed the political

New Relations in Sri Lanka and India

Together with Peters Söderström, founder of Gender Equality Vision and co-founder of Another Development Foundation and Peder Karlsson, honorary professor in music at Alborg University, Denmark, I have been to Sri Lanka and India January 2018 meeting several organizations and networks with an interest for peace building, social justice and environmental protection. The outcomes of this travel are still in the process of being defined. However, it will be of benefit for ADEP as well as Another Development Foundation and

New Projects with Partners in Kenya

December 15th 2017 Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) delivered information on approval of two applications for collaboration between first Centre for Rural Medicine in The County of Västerbotten and Homa Bay County Government, and second Robertsfors Municipality and Machakos County Government. The first collaboration will be directed towards rural medicine and equitable health. The second collaboration will be directed towards gender equality with a special focus on gender based violence. Both partnerships will focus on capacity development at

Survey of Civil Society in The County of Norrbotten Available

Together with Malin Lindberg, Associate Professor of Gender and Technology at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, we have conducted a comprehensive survey of civil society in The County of Norrbotten. The survey was commissioned by The Association of Social Economy in North and West Bothnia (SEÖN) with financial support from Region Norrbotten. The report is now available for reading and will be used by stakeholders in civil society and the public sector, as well as other sectors, for learning on

Busia Youth Center and Innovation Hub for Sustainable Livelihood

With support to build institutional capacity from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) Robertsfors Municipality and Busia Muncipality have launched a youth center and a innovation hub for sustainable livelihood. October 10th-12th the partners trained approximately 40 youth in sustainable entrepreneurship based on Business Model Canvas, criteria for sustainability and human rights. The training was facilitated by Jonas Forsberg, founder of Red Q, advisor on sustainable business, and CEO of other companies. Advisor in this phase of the partnership

What is ADEP - Another Development Perspective?

ADEP is an initiative and a company that promotes another development through projects, education, training, communication, debate and analysis. ADEP works for peace, respect for human rights and sustainable development through democratic, civic and non-violent means.

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