Samforma: Action Agenda 2030

Action Agenda 2030 is an educational and training project for civil society organisations based in The County of Norrbotten and The County of Västerbotten, Sweden, organized by the association Samforma. The purpose of the project is to strengthen and use the potential embedded in the civil society to contribute to the implementation of Agenda 2030 by increasing knowledge and enhance collaboration. Through its various roles as voice bearers, opinion leaders and service providers and with a diversity of associations, foundations,

9th Africities Summit in Kisumu, Kenya – May 17th-21st 2022

ADEP participated at the 9th edition of the Africities Summit in Kisumu May 17th-21st, 2022. The history as background for this participation is complex. First, it was a continuation of process that started with a participation at the 4th edition of the Africities Summit in Nairobi 2006 by Ira Sundberg, Co-founder of the international think tank Another Development Foundation (ADF) who then met Yvonne Anyango, Director of Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA). It was start of long

Evaluation of a Project for Work and Local Development

ADEP has just finalized an evaluation of the project "Growth in Robertsfors Municipality", aimed at supporting people in their process to get access to the labour market through different means. The project was funded by the European Social Fund, and was carried out during 2019-2021. The evaluation concluded that the project was very well managed, reaching all the goals of the project, and developed in such a way that it contributed to organisational and institutional development in Robertsfors Municipality. The

Analysis and Planning in Project for Groups affected by the Corona pandemic

During December 2021 and January 2022, I was assigned by Robertsfors Municipality to assist, as a the project manager, in analyis and planning in a project for vulnerable groups affected by the Corona pandemic. Those groups became unemployed, or not being able to finalize their education or find a job, due to the pandemic. The project will assist those groups, for them to be able find a job or finalize their education. I worked together with Åsa Martinsdotter and Madelene

Media, Communication and Sustainable Development

It has been stated earlier, that teaching is one of my fundamental tasks alongside with other ways of working for "another development". Once again (January-May, 2022) I will teach at the course "Media, Communication and Sustainable Development" - a course organized by the Department of Culture and Media Studies at Umeå University. I will do that together with a number of teachers and experts on media, communication and journalism. My role in this course is to provide the students with

Project Follow-up and Strategic Meetings with Partners and Stakeholders in Kenya

I came home from Kenya March 7nd 2020 after attending an international conference organized by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). Several projects have been affected by the Coronapandemic since the programs in each country, and exchange between partners, are important part of the work in order to reach the objectives for each project. The partners from Sweden and Kenya have worked digitally during this period, which have been important for the relations and for adapting to the situation.

What is ADEP - Another Development Perspective?

ADEP is an initiative and a company that promotes another development through projects, education, training, communication, debate and analysis. ADEP works for peace, respect for human rights and sustainable development through democratic, civic and non-violent means.

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