ADEP has collaborated closely with The Hard Rain Project in three international events at Umeå University, Sweden (2010, 2012 and 2015) as well as assisting bringing this world famous exhibition to venues in Kenya, Uganda and Indonesia. September 21st 2017 I got a message on an award for The Hard Rain Project. The motivation from UNESCO in Japan were: ”The Hard Rain Project was selected for its iternational programme “Hard Rain” and its follow-up “Whole Earth?”, which bring art, science and education together to raise awareness on pressing global issues such as poverty and climate change, and to stimulate thinking and action towards more positive futures. It works with world-renowned artists, scientists and communicators to carry its message to schools and universities, and to a wider public, through exhibitions, books, films, talks and events.” My warm greetings to everyone involved in this work, especially Mark Edwards, Dag Jonzon and Lloyd Timberlake.