I am happy to have attended a special training October 3rd-4th, organized by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) in Visby, Gotland who gathered representatives from different local authorites in Sweden and other countries. I was there with representatives from The County of Västerbotten and partners from Kenya.

Our aim is to produce a number of new applications that will create a foundation for work in the years to come. They will be delivered to ICLD mid-October.

Since we had representatives from The County Government of Homa Bay with us, we also decided that we should take the opportunity to visit Human Bridge – an swedish organisation that support developing countries with medical equipment and material.

We have been in contact with the Director Robert Bergman earlier, and now he took us to a guided tour in their facilities in Holsbybrunn, Sweden. We also met parts of the staff for a conversation on future partnership.

Robert and the chair of Human Bridge will visit Homa Bay in the beginning of November 2022 for a continuing discussion with the relevant stakeholders.

The photo is from Holsbybrunn, with Robert Bergman, Gordon Okomo and Francis Aila.