Robertsfors Municipality is one of the Swedish municipalities committed to international development cooperation with partners in African countries. Robertsfors has collaborated with Busia Muncipality, Uganda and Machakos County, Kenya for more than ten years in a variety of projects focusing on sustainable development, human rights and gender equality. In june 2018 Robertsfors Municipality gathered both partners  for the purpose of learning and dialogue on future opportunities. A joint area of discussion was on how the partners could work with Agenda 2030 and with a strong emphasis on youth inclusion/participation. The partnerships between Busia municipality and Robertsfors, and between Machakos County and Robertsfors are funded by Swedish International Center for Local Democracy (ICLD) and have created attention worldwide in various international gatherings and publications, for example Green Solutions Week in Kenya (2011), Stockholm +20 (2012), Swedish Annual Forum for Human Rights in the City of Umeå (2014), ICLD-conferences and events (2013-2018). Personally I am honored and happy to be a member of these parterships and to work with Robertsfors municipality in these international projects.