Ylva Löwenborg is a organisational consultant and a leader who drives system change at many levels. She does this by leveraging over 20 years of experience as a manager in civil society and the public and private sectors to coach organisations, groups and leaders to develop strategic partnerships and implement lasting change. Ylva is committed to human rights and diversity. Her work is rooted in theoretical and practical experience, allowing her to provide process-oriented coaching that supports empowerment, inclusion and social innovations with an intersectional perspective.

Ylva helps her collaborative partners and clients to take strategic action while strengthening participation and engagement for meaningful results. The discipline of positive change and appreciative inquiry guide Ylva’s work. She find solutions that emerge from the target group and partners objective. Ylva leverages multiple platforms to support her efforts, and has experience steering projects, has served as a chairperson on behalf of several boards and has also organised and supported major conferences. She also conducts a variety workshops and frequently offers lectures on leadership, group dynamics, conflict management and communication. One of Ylva’s driving forces is to create community change to improve collaboration, culture and connectivity.

In her earlier role as regional manager for The Swedish Red Cross and as regional manager for an adult study association, Ylva oversaw operations, projects and finance throughout the counties and municipalities of North and West Bothnia. She continues lead efforts as the President for the Civil Society Association for North and West Bothnia.