Since ADEP Ltd is a one-person company, there is a need of working with other consultants and experts since missions and projects will benefit of professional and friendly partnerships. These experts are some of the partners to ADEP Ltd, making it possible for us to do joint work when the need is there, and when it is requested by organizations who need support.

Malin Lindberg

Professor Malin Lindberg is a researcher and consultant in inclusive innovation. She studies and facilitates processes and solutions that furthers social inclusion in companies, organizations and society. Diversity, gender equality and sustainable development are especially focused in her efforts. She also pays particular interest to innovation in the non-profit sector, as well as innovative development of rural communities. By means of a participatory approach, she develops new knowledge and methods together with various societal actors. Malin Lindberg has collaborated with ADEP Ltd

Peter Söderström

Peter Söderström is an expert on gender equality and especially men´s violence against women and children, with a specific focus on gender based violence prevention. The main working areas have been strategic and analytical work, structured cooperation between authorities, developing and implementing different kinds of training activities, investigation, evaluation and supervision. Peter has a Degree in Recreation Instructor Training and a Master of Social Science with a major in sociology. During the first 8 years he professionally worked with abused

Yvonne Anyango

Yvonne Anyango is the founder and executive director of Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA), an international NGO based in Nairobi Kenya. CASDA's main area of expertise is to develop sustainable initiatives in energy, collaborative business development, projects coordination, social services and gender mainstreaming, founded on the ambition to support sustainable development in Kenya and other countries in Africa. Yvonne Anyango is also member of the board for WeEffect East Africa Region. Yvonne Anyango has been a professional

Kerstin Engström

Kerstin Engström is a senior lecturer, researcher and consultant in media and communication, with special competence within the areas of gender analysis, journalism and communication for development and social change. She has extensive experience of working with education and research in higher education institutions, and is also experienced in academic leadership and management of higher education. Since many years, Kerstin is committed to international solidarity and gender equality. She has worked as a mentor in journalism and communication for the

Evelina Rönnbäck

Evelina Rönnbäck is a freelance photographer who found her passion for photography at an early age, and who started her own company directly after finalizing a media program at an upper secondary school in The City of Umeå, Sweden. The photos by Evelina Rönnbäck are widely used in Sweden in a variety of media contexts and organizations, for example national and regional newspapers, television, photo agencies etc. Evelina Rönnbäck has traveled to, and worked in, many, countries in different parts

Ylva Löwenborg

Ylva Löwenborg is a organisational consultant and a leader who drives system change at many levels. She does this by leveraging over 20 years of experience as a manager in civil society and the public and private sectors to coach organisations, groups and leaders to develop strategic partnerships and implement lasting change. Ylva is committed to human rights and diversity. Her work is rooted in theoretical and practical experience, allowing her to provide process-oriented coaching that supports empowerment, inclusion and