Crisis and Crisis Management as an Empirical Phenomena

Once again I am teaching students at the bachelor level at the Department of Politicial Science, Umeå University. The students are studying at the Program for International Crisis- and Conflict Management. It is an honour to be a teacher, employed as a guest lecturer, for students doing their first course at the program and for many, their first course at an university. The students was exposed to basic concepts and models as well as opportunities to discuss crisis and crisis

Ylva Löwenborg

Ylva Löwenborg is a organisational consultant and a leader who drives system change at many levels. She does this by leveraging over 20 years of experience as a manager in civil society and the public and private sectors to coach organisations, groups and leaders to develop strategic partnerships and implement lasting change. Ylva is committed to human rights and diversity. Her work is rooted in theoretical and practical experience, allowing her to provide process-oriented coaching that supports empowerment, inclusion and

New Projects with Partners in Kenya

December 15th 2017 Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) delivered information on approval of two applications for collaboration between first Centre for Rural Medicine in The County of Västerbotten and Homa Bay County Government, and second Robertsfors Municipality and Machakos County Government. The first collaboration will be directed towards rural medicine and equitable health. The second collaboration will be directed towards gender equality with a special focus on gender based violence. Both partnerships will focus on capacity development at

Survey of Civil Society in The County of Norrbotten Available

Together with Malin Lindberg, Associate Professor of Gender and Technology at Luleå University of Technology, Sweden, we have conducted a comprehensive survey of civil society in The County of Norrbotten. The survey was commissioned by The Association of Social Economy in North and West Bothnia (SEÖN) with financial support from Region Norrbotten. The report is now available for reading and will be used by stakeholders in civil society and the public sector, as well as other sectors, for learning on

Sustainable Waste and Water Management in Kajiado County, Kenya

The work between The City of Umeå, and its company for waste and water management - Vakin - is now up and running through a first assessment of the situation in Kajiado County as well as dialogue on to move towards sustainable management of waste and water. The partnership is funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). My role is the one of senior advisor supporting the steering group and technical teams working in this project.

New Projects in Kenya

In December 2016 projects between The City of Umeå and Kajiado County Government in Kenya and Robertsfors Municipality and Department of Youth, Education and Social Welfare in Machakos County were approved by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). The projects have a focus on democratic governance at the local level even though the areas of collaboration are different; capacity building for waste and water management, and gender equality. I will be an advisor in both partnerships.