Commission by the Government of Åland on Institutional Development

Peter Söderström, CEO of Gender Equality Vision and Ingvar Rönnbäck, CEO of ADEP Ltd was commissioned by the Government of Åland to support institutional development based on principles of non-discrimination, gender equality and sustainability, and in line with laws, policies and guidelines for different agencies and authorities. The work was performed at the beautiful Åland Maritime Museum August 5th, 2018. Several challenges and needs were discussed during this day with the representatives for invited agencies and authorities.

Robertsfors Municipality Gather Partners from Africa

Robertsfors Municipality is one of the Swedish municipalities committed to international development cooperation with partners in African countries. Robertsfors has collaborated with Busia Muncipality, Uganda and Machakos County, Kenya for more than ten years in a variety of projects focusing on sustainable development, human rights and gender equality. In june 2018 Robertsfors Municipality gathered both partners  for the purpose of learning and dialogue on future opportunities. A joint area of discussion was on how the partners could work with Agenda

Creative Force Project Workshop in Nairobi, Kenya May 7th-11th 2018

Together with CASDA - Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa, ADEP - Another Development Perspective Ltd and Another Development Foundation as an advisory organisation hosted participants from eight countries; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia (Somaliland), Rwanda, Zambia and Sweden. Our common goal is to end genderbased violence and to promote freedom from violence as fundamental human right, through creative media work. The meeting in Nairobi was the second after a meeting in Sweden during a seedfunding phase where the

Lecture on The 2030 Agenda and Education for Visitors from Vietnam

The City of Umeå and Cao Giay District in Hanoi, Vienam have collaborated on Education for Sustainable Development in several projects over several years. They are now exploring how the partners will work for the 2030 Agenda, especially Goal No.4 on Quality Education, but also with the goals and strategies for the Global Action Program on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP) - the follow-up programme to the United Nation Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014). I was invited to

Creative Force Project Against Gender Based Violence Approved

Today, March 28th 2018, ADEP and Cooperation Arena for Sustainable Development in Africa (CASDA) received decision from Swedish Institute on approval for the project "From Gender Based Violence to Freedom From Violence through Creative Media Work" - a 2-year project involving partners in eight countries; Sweden, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, Rwanda and Zambia. ADEP and CASDA is the lead-partners managing and coordinating the project. Partners in the african countries, besides CASDA, are: The Jireh Women and Youth Self-help Association

Promoting Equity in Access to Quality Healthcare in Homa Bay County, Kenya

Through support from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD), The County Council of Västerbotten, together with one of its departments; Centre for Rural Medicine have made a fact-finding mission to Homa Bay County March 2018 to learn about the health care system as well as having a dialogue with Homa Bay County Government on potential areas of cooperation. The team from Västerbotten was hosted by the minister for health, professor Richard Otieno Muga who in the photo show the