Partnership and Governance for Health and Resilience in Relation to Climate Change and Environment

"Our feets are burning. It´s unbearable." says Stacy Otieno, Environmental Officer in Homa Bay County, Kenya. Homa Bay County is one of the kenyan counties "kissing" Lake Victoria, and who partners with Region Västerbotten and Umeå Municipality working for health and reslience in relation to climate change and environment. The other counties are Kisumu County (who are the county who signed the agreement for partnership with Region Västerbotten and Umeå Municipality), Migori County, Siaya County and Busia County. Me and

Good News – Several Applications Approved by ICLD

December 12th was a happy day! Then, me and my partners in Västerbotten and in Kenya recieved the decision by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) that they had approved our applications. We are really happy for this! Con gratulation to Center for Rural Medicine, Region Västerbotten, Lycksele Municipality, Robertsfors Municipality, Umeå Municipality, Homa Bay County, Kajiado County, Machakos County, Kisumu County as well as Migori County, Siaya County and Busia County. The history behind all these partnerships is

Salam Family – An Evaluation of a Project for Parents Who Have Migrated to Sweden

Salam Family started 2020 as a project in Umeå Municipality for parents who have migrated to Sweden and will be finalized December 31st 2022. Salam's family was a project that supported third-country nationals who have children of different ages. The project has worked in two ways: First, group activities in residential areas for parental leave to break isolation and enable continued language development when regular studies were paused. The activities were available at family centers' open pre-schools in Umeå in

Program for Equal Health and Sustainability in Homa Bay County, Kenya

During November 20th-25th, two teams from Sweden representing Region Västerbotten and Lycksele Municipality, worked with their partners in Homa Bay County in a comprehensive program for equal health and sustainable waste and water management. I am contracted by the Swedish organisations as a project manager, facilitator and advisor. The program contained meetings with the newly elected governor of Homa Bay County, HE Gladys Wanga, other representatives for the political wing, as well as representives for the technical wing of the

Partnership Development Between Local Authorities in Sweden and Kenya

I am happy to have attended a special training October 3rd-4th, organized by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) in Visby, Gotland who gathered representatives from different local authorites in Sweden and other countries. I was there with representatives from The County of Västerbotten and partners from Kenya. Our aim is to produce a number of new applications that will create a foundation for work in the years to come. They will be delivered to ICLD mid-October. Since we

Crisis and Crisis Management as an Empirical Phenomenon

Once again I am teaching students at the bachelor level at the Department of Politicial Science, Umeå University. The students are studying at the Program for International Crisis- and Conflict Management. It is an honour to be a teacher, employed as a guest lecturer, for students doing their first course at the program and for many, their first course at an university. The students will be exposed to basic concepts and models as well as opportunities to discuss different types