Training for Change on Sexualized Violence through Education

Once again, me and Peter Söderström, founder of Gender Equality Vision, were assigned by the Government of Åland to work for capacity building on how to prevent and counter sexualized violence. This time our mission was to train representatives for different organization on how they could adress these matters through educational activities. The participants in this training were also exposed to research-based knowledge on sexualized violence, international policies and agreements as well as on Logical Framework Approach - a method

Kajiado County Dissemination Forum on Sustainable Waste and Water Management

June 15th-17th 2021, The Government of Kajiado County, Kenya and The City of Umeå invited stakeholders to special dissemination forum on sustainable waste and water management. The aim of the Kajiado Stakeholders Dissemination Forum was to share the successes, achievements and lessons learnt from the partnership between The Government of Kajiado County and The City of Umeå, to officially launch the Solid Waste Strategic Plan Documents and to present the ICT materials on waste and water management to the Sub-county

ICLD Local Democracy Lab for Kenya – Connecting Research and Practice

I was happy to be invited by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) to attend their democracy lab March 4th, 2021. It was an opportunity for representatives from Machakos County, Kajiado County and Makueni County, Kenya to have a dialogue with researchers from different countries who are connected to ICLD on various challenges and how to manage them. The dialogue focused on concrete questions, mostly on matters related to gender equality, raised by the representatives from the counties in

Media, Communication and Sustainable Development

Teaching is one of my fundamental tasks alongside with other ways of working for "another development". This time (January-May, 2020) I will teach at the course "Media, Communication and Sustainable Development" - a course organized by the Department of Culture and Media Studies at Umeå University. I will do that together with a number of teachers and experts on media, communication and journalism. I am looking forward to this experience since being a teacher and working together with collegues always

Violence and Nonviolence – Peace and Conflict Studies

As a guest lecturer/teacher in Peace- and Conflict Studies, assigned by the Department of Political Science, Umeå University, I am about start teaching at the course Violence and Nonviolence.  The course discuss different forms of violence and nonviolence, arguments on violence and nonviolence as political strategies, and research on effectivness and consequences. The course also discuss relations between pacifism as ideology and nonviolence as a practial activity, how violence and nonviolence relates to gender, as well as relations between violence,

Online Lectures on Sustainable Development – A Global Outlook

Due to the Corona crisis, conversations on sustainable development within educational arenas have been moved from physical classrooms and conferences to the virtual space. In this assignment I have provided lectures to The Global School, a unit within Swedish Council for Higher Education, who deliver in-service training to different targets groups working with education. The lectures were recorded at the studio Second Home in The City of Umeå, May 2020. The lectures are now used by The Global School in