Project Follow-up and Strategic Meetings with Partners and Stakeholders in Kenya

I came home from Kenya March 7nd 2020 after attending an international conference organized by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). Several projects have been affected by the Coronapandemic since the programs in each country, and exchange between partners, are important part of the work in order to reach the objectives for each project. The partners from Sweden and Kenya have worked digitally during this period, which have been important for the relations and for adapting to the situation.

Crisis and Crisis Management as an Empirical Phenomena

Once again I am teaching students at the bachelor level at the Department of Politicial Science, Umeå University. The students are studying at the Program for International Crisis- and Conflict Management. It is an honour to be a teacher, employed as a guest lecturer, for students doing their first course at the program and for many, their first course at an university. The students will be exposed to basic concepts and models as well as opportunities to discuss different types

Machakos Stakeholder Dissemination Forum on Gender Equality

June 29th - July 1st 2021, The County Government of Machakos, Kenya and Robertsfors Municipality invited stakeholders to a special dissemination forum on gender equality. The partners presented results from the project "Action for Gender Equality" that was launched 2018 and funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). The project was decided during an inceptionphase were the partners jointly analyzed challenges and how to work in a development project. The results are increadible! The Machakos County Government has

Zero Waste Strategy Project – Partnership Between UNDP and Waste Sweden

By the end of 2020 UNDP, the United Nations Development Programme signed an agreement with Waste Sweden (Avfall Sverige), the Swedish Waste Management Organization to deliver technical assistance considering the improvement of waste management in three pilot cities in China, Costa Rica and Rwanda. The scope of the project consists of two deliverables, the Brief Inception report and Work Plan due by 22 February 2021 and the Final Report due by 30 June. The interchange of information and knowledge throughout

Training for Change on Sexualized Violence through Education

Once again, me and Peter Söderström, founder of Gender Equality Vision, were assigned by the Government of Åland to work for capacity building on how to prevent and counter sexualized violence. This time our mission was to train representatives for different organization on how they could adress these matters through educational activities. The participants in this training were also exposed to research-based knowledge on sexualized violence, international policies and agreements as well as on Logical Framework Approach - a method

Kajiado County Dissemination Forum on Sustainable Waste and Water Management

June 15th-17th 2021, The Government of Kajiado County, Kenya and The City of Umeå invited stakeholders to special dissemination forum on sustainable waste and water management. The aim of the Kajiado Stakeholders Dissemination Forum was to share the successes, achievements and lessons learnt from the partnership between The Government of Kajiado County and The City of Umeå, to officially launch the Solid Waste Strategic Plan Documents and to present the ICT materials on waste and water management to the Sub-county