Violence and Nonviolence – Peace and Conflict Studies

As a guest lecturer/teacher in Peace- and Conflict Studies, assigned by the Department of Political Science, Umeå University, I have just finalized teaching at the course Violence and Nonviolence.  The course discuss different forms of violence and nonviolence, arguments on violence and nonviolence as political strategies, and research on effectivness and consequences. The course also discuss relations between pacifism as ideology and nonviolence as a practial activity, how violence and nonviolence relates to gender, as well as relations between violence,

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion at Åland

Once more, me and Peter Söderström, Founder of Gender Equality Vision were assigned by the Government of Åland to facilitate a dialogue on how organisations working with children and youth could work for gender equality and against sexualized violence. This assignment is framed within a program with several activities that have been pursued during 2019. At this occassion, we were also able to meet a group of men with their roots from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Bosnia for talk

Crisis and Crisis Management as an Empirical Phenomena

Once again I am teaching students at the bachelor level at the Department of Politicial Science, Umeå University. The students are studying at the Program for International Crisis- and Conflict Management. It is an honour to be a teacher, employed as a guest lecturer, for students doing their first course at the program and for many, their first course at an university. The students was exposed to basic concepts and models as well as opportunities to discuss crisis and crisis

County Government of Homa Bay, Kenya in Västerbotten

The partnership between the County Government of Homa Bay, Kenya and Center for Rural Medicine, Region Västerbotten continues. During a program September 15th-20th 2019 the representatives from the County Government of Homa Bay was introduced to the swedish health care system through a tour from Hemavan to Tärnby, Storuman, Lycksele and Umeå with many study-visits and workshops for the partners to assess challenges and discuss improvements. The partners also discussed new oportunities with representatives for Lycksele Municipality as well as

An Inquiry on Nonviolence and Strategies for Nonviolent Social Change

ADEP Ltd and Another Development Foundation are working in collaboration with The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation with an inquiry on nonviolence, how knowledge on nonviolence can be communicated and used by civil society for the purpose of social change. The partners have started this exploration through dialogue in earlier collaborations - partly organized by the think tank and do tank Another Development Foundation which invited Lotta Sjöström Becker, the general secretary for The Swedish Fellowship of Reconciliation, Stellan Vinthagen, professor

Machakos County, Kenya and Robertsfors, Sweden for Gender Equality

The collaboration between Machakos County Government, Kenya and Robertsfors Municipality for gender equality continues. The partners have met each other once again in Sweden June 16th-22nd 2019 for a follow-up on the progress in each country. The program also contained several study visits at governmental agencies, civil society organisations as well as functions and businesses within Robertsfors Municipality. The partners have delivered reports on the ongoing work focusing on institutional development of each organisation for the purpose of gender mainstreaming.