Lecture on Sustainable Development for Cao Giay District, Hanoi and The City of Umeå

Cao Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam and The City of Umeå are working within two projects, governed by a management and coordination group, on education for sustainable development. The partners have been working together for six years and have now been granted funding for another three years reaching leaders and teachers within the formal educational system. I have supported the partners writing the applications to Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) as well as an educator on sustainable development. In

Education for Gender Equality on Åland Island

Assigned by the Government of Åland, me and Peter Söderström, founder of Gender Equality Vision and Co-founder of Another Development Foundation, did a follow-up on our education for gender equality, with a special focus on sexualized violence, that we carried out in January 2019. Participants at the follow-up were professionals from they education, youth and health sector working within the public sector and civil society. The follow-up was carried out April 9th-10th. The collaboration with the Government of Åland will

Kajiado County Government, Kenya Towards Sustainable Waste and Water Management

Kajiado County Government, Kenya and The City of Umeå are now in the final year of a project aiming at producing policies and plans for sustainable waste and water management in Kajiado County based on a rights-based perspective on development. The program March 11th-15th 2019 started with workshops and study visits in Umeå and ended with meetings and study visits in Stockholm; Kenyan Embassy, The Swedish Delegation for the 2030 Agenda, The Swedish Parliament and entreprenurs working with organic waste

Robertsfors Municipality and The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

Robertsfors Municipality, Sweden is about to develop a new comprehensive plan for sustainable development based on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development besides of Swedish laws for Local Authorities. March 4th 2019 I facilitated a workshop on the new plan and the agenda with members of the municipality council as participants. These members have been elected September 2019 and will be a key factor for the success working for sustainable development in Robertsfors, and together with partners for a fair

Lecture on Another Development and Development Discourse at Uppsala University

February 5th 2019 I was invited to lecture on another development and development discourse at the course "Global Perspectives on Social Change and Digital Media", Department for Informatics and Media, Uppsala University. The students attending came from various parts of the world, studying jointly at a Mastersprogram for international students. The outline for the lecture was: 1) the roots, origin and meaning of another development, 2) another development and development discourse, and 3) trends "pushing" for development alternatives.

Commission by the Government of Åland on Gender Based Violence

Assigned by the Government of Åland, me and Peter Söderström, Gender Equality Vision and Co-founder of Another Development Foundation were invited to facilitate two trainings January 28th and 29th on gender-based violence  with a focus on sexualized violence and men´s responsibility to counter this violence. Participants were staff and people in mostly public organisations who is working with children and youth. We were also invited to lecture on the same topic for the citizens of Åland. During this stay we