Training Practioners and Minor Field Students

For some years, and also at Umeå University on an earlier period, I have been involved together with a team of trainers and teachers in preparatory courses for practioners and minor field students from Swedish organizations and universities at Sida Partnership Forum. It is always a learning experience meeting these people packing their bags going into a fairly new context trying to learn and make difference.

Whole Earth? Day in Umeå

Whole Earth? Day was an international event at held at Umeå University September 18th, 2015 organized by Umeå Association for International Affairs at Umeå University, Umeå University, Hard Rain Project in association with The City of Umeå, Region Västerbotten, The County Administrative Board, Västerbottens Sustainability Week (SEE) and Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida). My role was the one of project manager. The event was part of the an international project involving universities and students on all continents with the

The City of The City of Yogyakarta and The County Council of Västerbotten

The City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia and The County Council of Västerbotten, Sweden are partners working on early warning for dengue through capacity building and public participation. The partnership is funded by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) 2014-2016. As one of the members in the steering committe we are working with management and follow-up.

Human Rights – A Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

At May 5th, 2015 a lecture on Human Rights as a prerequisite for democracy and sustainable development was held at one of Umeås upper secondary schools with teachers and prinicpals as participants. There were 100 particpants at this occassion. The organizer were The Nature School - a special unit within The City of Umeå.

Educational Assignments at Swedish Universities

On a regular basis since I started this ADEP I have been teaching at several Swedish Universities; Umeå University, Malmö University, Swedish University for Agriculture Sciences and Higher Vocational Education. The courses and themes have been many. Thanks to all students from all corners of the world. It has been a pleasure working with and for you.

Kajiado County, Kenya and The City of Umeå

The inceptionphase between Kajiado County, Kenya and The City of Umeå is now finalized and resulted in applications for two projects on sustainable urban and regional development governed by a joint steering group. A visit in Kajiado County for The City of Umeå March 11-15th included talks with Kajiado Government and several study visits.