Cooperation with SIPU International

Together with a team of consultants, as partners with SIPU International, we will educate and act as facilitators in a variation of courses runned by Sida Partnership Forum in Härnösand, Sweden.

Machakos County and Robertsfors Municipality

Machakos County and Robertsfors Municipality have collaborated since 2007 with funding from Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD) and in different projects all concerning sustainable development and human rights. The last project was finalized February 2015 and the partners are now in a dialogue on the future. My role in this partnership has been the one of coordinator and project manager.

Swedish Forum for Human Rights

Under the headline "Raising Voices for Rights" The Swedish Annual Forum for Human Rights 2014 where held in The City of Umeå. The event contained 120 seminars, 65 mini-seminars, 2 fairs for exhibitions and organizations. The event attracted more than 3000 participants from the whole world. My role in this project was the one of initiator and regional project manager in collaboration with national and regional organizations. For more information, see:

Migration and Integration

In two different assignments I have worked with questions of migration and integration. In one of the assignments I was the trainer at several occasions for students in special course called Migrationprocesses at the Higher Vocational Education. In the second assignment I evaluated a project for quota refugees with the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten as the head of the project.

ICLD-conference in Machakos, Kenya

This time in Kenya the team from Robertsfors Municipality participated at an international conference on different themes supported by Swedish International Centre for Local Democracy (ICLD). There were 150 participants from several African countries; Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Uganda and Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Sweden. The team from Robertsfors were also in Machakos county for the purpose of follow-up and dialogue with ICLD:s board and staff.

Regional Centre of Expertise North Sweden

Regional Centre of Expertise  (RCE) North Sweden was launched September 2013 as regional platform for education for sustainable development. The launch was preceded by a pre-study funded by The Nordic Council of Ministers and The City of Umeå and an application to United Nation University - Institute for the Advanced Studies of Sustainability (UNU-IAS) were a several regional organizations signed. My role in this process was to do the pre-study togehter with Barbra Kalla, and to write the application in collaboration